Custom Sun Clip-Ons Now Available – eyeglassX

EyeglassX, adds custom sun clips with your new prescription lenses.

Now you can get your new eyeglass lens replacements with custom made premium polarized sun clips.  These custom sun clips are all custom made to fit your frames for a perfect look and feel.

Specially designed tiny magnetic lens inserts allow the sun clips to attach firmly without any unsightly clips or clamps around your frames.  These sun clips are ultra thin and provide 100% UV protection with polarization for glare reduction.

Custom Sun clip2

To view or order… Just visit here and learn more.   Place your order and send us your glasses.  All pricing includes, new prescription lenses, scratch guard, custom installation, return shipping and your sun clip! Reviews

5 Star review (7/10/17):

These guys rock! They have an impressive selection of many different types of frames, free prescription lenses included with frames and shipping too!! Best of all you will save money and look stylish. Give them a try they won’t disappoint!!

-T. Russo, MA Reviews

5 Star review (7/11/17):

I had new lenses done to my Ray Ban frames and they came out nice. Customer service was there to help with any questions from start to finish, whether it was by email or phone they always kept me posted. I will definitely be purchasing from them again!!

-M. Santiago, MA

Discount Eyeglass Lens Replacement Services Are Easy to Find

When it comes to purchasing eyeglasses, the process may seem complex and inconvenient. But when you purchase eyeglasses online, it is a lot easier and faster than most people are aware. All you need is your eye doctor’s prescription, and these companies do the rest for you. They offer fast service, a guarantee that your prescription will be right, and a wide selection of frames and lenses, all at costs that won’t break the bank. Because many of these companies order directly from the manufacturers, their discounts are passed along to the consumer, so everyone wins. In addition, most of these companies are staffed with eyeglass professionals that will handle your glasses with the same care and attention as regular brick-and-mortar stores.

You Can’t Beat Online Prices

More often than not, online companies that make eyeglasses offer everything from tortoise-shell rims to wire rims, and a large variety of styles, sizes and even colors. From basic, round wire rim glasses to eyeglasses in colors like maroon and black, online stores such as offer such a wide selection of frames and lenses that the only difficult part of ordering from them is trying to figure out which pair you want. At, we even have a way for you to view your glasses the way they will look on you, by snapping a picture of yourself and uploading it so that you can see what you’d look like in various frames. We make everything as simple as possible, so that you can get your glasses quickly and enjoy them thoroughly once they arrive.

Gone are the days when most people would get in their cars and drive to an eyeglass place, then wait for weeks to receive their glasses. These days, even discount eyeglass lens replacement services can be provided online quickly and easily. In fact, at, you can order just the frames or the lenses, or the entire eyeglass set – it’s up to you. We also offer fast delivery time, free shipping and a rewards program that offers discounts on any future purchases.

Ordering Online Means You Can Take Your Time and Get the Right Pair of Eyeglasses

When you order eyeglasses online, you can take your time looking at the different eyeglass sets and order only when you are ready. Ordering online presents you with a selection that is second to none, the assurance that your eyeglasses will be made to your doctor’s exact specifications, and prices that you can afford. At, we also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and daily sales and specials, so you are always guaranteed to get the glasses you want at a price you are happy with. Whether you are ordering discount sunglasses or a discount eyeglass lens replacement, we will make sure that your needs are met and that you are happy with your purchase.

Getting Great Deals on Eyeglasses Online Is a Smart Idea

Eyeglasses are expensive, even if you order a non-name brand. Most eyeglass companies, however, offer a wide selection of styles, sizes and even colors. What do you do if you want to order fashionable and attractive eyeglasses, but do not wish to pay the high prices usually associated with most brands of eyeglasses? Actually, this is a simple thing to do today, because there are many companies that offer eyeglasses of all types through online stores. Because there are so many of them, most offer their eyeglasses at very reasonable prices. Eyeglasses, therefore, will not cost an arm and a leg if you follow one simple rule – purchase them online.

Going Online Is Quick and Easy

As with many other products, eyeglass companies have their own websites that can show you full-color photographs of all the products they offer. At, we have a wide selection of frames and lenses, and we offer sunglasses and prescription sunglasses as well. Whether you want regular wire rim or tortoise-shell frames that are round or rectangular in shape, or frames that are maroon or purple and attract attention, we can accommodate you. Best of all, many of our frames include the lenses themselves in the price. When you are looking for the best deals on eyeglasses online, come to us first.

These days, you can go to most eyeglass companies’ websites and purchase the complete eyeglasses themselves, or just the frames or lenses. If you love your current frames but need a new prescription for your lenses, no problem. If you have never worn glasses and have a brand new prescription, you can order the entire set. At, all our personnel are highly trained in this profession, so you know you are getting the best care and attention out there when we make your eyeglasses. Our eyeglasses are all high-quality glasses. Our wire rim frames have no screws or soldering, when means less chance of breakage, and they are hypoallergenic as well. All our frames are light, yet strong, and provide the ultimate in fashion, style and comfort.

Ordering Online Is Easy

When you are looking for great deals on eyeglasses online, you can easily find a selection that is second to none and prices that are very competitive. Ordering your glasses online may sound complex, but it is anything but. In fact, at we offer a very fast way to order – all you need is your current prescription, and we will do the rest. We offer free shipping, and we guarantee that your eyeglasses will be perfect, or we will make them right.

Signs You Need an Eyeglass Lens Replacement or Frame Replacement

Our company,, specializes in delivering top-of-the-line eyeglasses and lenses to clients from around the globe. Every day we help hundreds of customers choose the right frames and lenses for their new pair of specs. Some of our customers simply want to update their look by upgrading their glasses, while others just want that extra pair to have around when they do not want to wear contact lenses. Aesthetics aside, there are some clear signs that eyeglass wearers need to replace their old glasses, starting with: Continue reading

The Best Prescription Glasses for Your Face Shape

Many of you were devastated when you found out you had to wear glasses. It is a necessary part of life and it didn’t take long to accept the fact. Once you put on those glasses for the first time, you couldn’t believe how much of the world you were missing before! Even so, the biggest concern wasn’t how much better you were going to be able to see, but how you were going to look with prescription lenses and frames on your face. Continue reading

There Is No Excuse Not to Have Sunglass Prescription Lenses

The Vision Impact Institute recently released a study which revealed that three out of four Americans use something to help them correct their vision, such as prescription glasses or contacts. However, only a fraction of these individuals are putting on a pair of prescription sunglasses before they head out to enjoy their day.

Here at EyeglassX, we are all about offering the best sunglass prescription lenses so that you do not need to sacrifice quality or style in order to protect your vision. When our customers visit our brick and mortar store here in Massachusetts, they hardly need convincing when it comes to choosing prescription shades over nonprescription eyewear. But if you are still on the fence and are wondering if a pair of prescription sunglasses is worth it, we have a few compelling reasons listed below.
Continue reading

Prescription Lenses for Frames

Prescription Lenses for Frames

How You Can Save 70 Percent On Lenses for Your Frames:

Did you know, more people are discovering the advantages of purchasing their prescription lenses for glasses and sunglasses online?  Yes, as with must things today, websites are now available to deliver high quality personal service to those in need of lenses for their frames.  And here’s the kicker…people are saving big-time money by ordering online!

One popular website is,, and their RxMyFrames prescription lens service.  By shopping here, you get to easily browse their complete selection of prescription lenses, right from the comfort of your home or office.  You get the same high quality lenses you would get at a local optical shop.  But, are you ready for this?  You save up to 70 percent off the typical retail cost!   In addition they offer free shipping right to your door.


RxMyFrames, by

Here’s an example of the lenses they offer:  Polycarbonate single vision lenses, Seiko hi-index lenses, progressive lenses and polarized sunglass lenses.  Each type of lens is clearly displayed with a description.  There is also information about how to order and added lens treatments (like anti-glare AR).

We recommend you check-out eyeglassX for prescription lenses for frames.  This will make the eyewear shopping decision very easy for you.  You get top brand name high quality lenses and service, at deeply discounted prices.  Plus you always get FREE shipping, as well as FREE Rx lenses if you are buying complete glasses!  Lastly, eyeglassX donates a portion of our proceeds to charity. Have questions? Call us today at (508) 202-7105.

Men’s Eyeglasses

At eyeglassX we specialize in optical for men. We deliver top brand names like Undergram, Vinyl Factory, and Ray-Ban at deeply discounted prices. What’s more, we offer FREE shipping, and FREE Rx lenses too.  We want to ensure that those shopping on our site are getting the lowest online prices possible.

Yes, we offer discount eyeglasses for men online, but that doesn’t have to mean “cheap.” Let’s be real, $39 dollar glasses? Do you really want to sport those? Someone may call you out for wearing them! At, cheap, is not in our vocabulary. We meticulously select our frames for quality and fit. We want the men who shop at eyeglassX to look and feel their best.

Even though we offer discounted prices, we still take care of our community, as all men should. With every sale at eyeglass X, we donate $5 to help those in the fight against cancer, by supporting the Livestrong Foundation. We believe in the equation, Good Consumer + Good Company = Good Community. Should you have any questions, please call us at (508) 202-7105. We look forward to serving all your eyeglass needs.