Titanium Prescription Glasses for Men

Titanium Prescription Glasses for Men

If you are searching for high quality titanium prescription glasses for men at affordable prices, then you have landed on the right site! Here at eyeglassX, we offer Undergram glasses, titanium prescription glasses that are deemed to be “the world’s lightest frame.” We ship these amazing glasses to men all over the world. Our titanium prescription glasses are available in single vision or progressive (no-line) lenses, and we offer them at one of the lowest prices online! So if you are shopping for titanium prescription glasses for men online, your search is over! The Undergram glasses that we carry are one of the best rimless eyeglasses you can find online or in-store!

Titanium Eyewear for Men

Undergram glasses set the bar very high when it comes to titanium eyewear for men. They have constructed what many deem the world’s lightest frame, and we at eyeglassX have it available online at one of the lowest prices possible. Moreover, we offer FREE Premium Rx Lenses (polycarbonate) and FREE lens edge polishing. Wait, we also offer FREE shipping, and we have custom sizes available upon request.

Online Optical for Men

When it comes to online optical for men, we at eyeglassX aim to exceed your expectations. We do that by carrying top brand name eyeglasses for men, all of which are available in a variety of colors, all for one of the LOWEST prices you can find anywhere; online or in-store! Should you have any questions about any of our eyewear for men, call us 508-202-7105. We can help you choose the best possible eyewear for the best possible prices. Shop with confidence at eyeglassX.

Discount Rimless Glasses for Men

Discount Rimless Glasses for Men

If you are looking for top brand name yet discounted rimless glasses for men, then you have landed on the right site! Here are eyeglassX we offer top of the line quality rimless glasses for men at deeply discounted prices.

If you are a discerning man, the type of man that can quietly walk into a room and command attention without even trying, then you want to wear these rimless glasses. They boldly say I am an intelligent, confident guy that has things under control; I’ll take that drink now. Here at eyeglassX we want you to make that statement without having to pay full price.

Check out our ever popular UnderGram Eyewear, the world’s lightest frame.  At eyeglassX we have these amazing rimless glasses at below market prices. Not only can we offer these beautiful rimless glasses to you at deeply discounted prices, but we include FREE shipping, FREE Rx lenses, and FREE lens edge polishing. Yes, you will look good; yes, you will look sharp!

We invite you to shop at eyeglassX and see our large selection of rimless glasses for men yourself. Should you have any questions, call us at (508) 202-7105.

Vinyl Factory Glasses

Vinyl Factory Glasses

You’re a man’s man. When you walk into a store you know precisely what you want. You make a beeline to your desired item, pick it up, inspect it really quickly to ensure it has no defects, take it to the cashier and pay for it. You don’t dilly-dally, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want the best. Nor does it mean that you are willing to pay a penny more than you have to. That is why so many men shop with eyeglassX when it comes to Vinyl Factory glasses. We have the styles men want, the top brands men want, the service men want, and the rock bottom prices for Vinyl Factory glasses that men want!

Classic Eyewear for Men

If you are looking for classic eyewear for men, then you want Vinyl Factory glasses. These glasses are simply put, artistic! They are musically inspired handmade retro eyewear imported from France. Vinyl Factory eyewear is directly influenced by the 60’s-70’s spirit. This amazing brand interprets classic old style designs with great attention to detail. So if you are looking for classic eyewear for men, choose Vinyl Factory.

Why Choose Us?

We know that you have lots of options when it comes to buying Vinyl Factory glasses. We at eyeglassX make it really easy for you to shop with us, as we have the Vinyl Factory styles you want, the service you expect, and one of the lowest prices in the industry for these awesome retro eyeglass frames. Plus, we offer FREE shipping, and we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity!

If you have any questions, feel free to call Dr. T. Keith Hairston’s office at 508-202-7105.


French Eyeglasses Online

French Eyeglasses Online Vinyl Factory

If you are looking for authentic French eyeglasses online, but would like to pay as little for them as possible, then you have landed on the right online eyewear site. At eyeglassX we carry a large selection of fine French eyeglasses for men. Ladies, if you are shopping for the man in your life, give him a pair of these cool French eyeglasses, and rest assured you will always be on his mind; after all what he is seeing through was made possible by you!

French Eyewear Online

Yes, you want French eyewear, because they are cool, they are retro, they stand out, but you don’t want to pay full price for them.  We at eyeglassX have you covered! Take a look out our French eyewear prices online . We offer deep discounts on a large selection of French eyewear we have in stock, and we offer free RX lenses, plus FREE shipping.

Vinyl Factory Eyewear

When it comes to eyewear from France, there is one particular brand everyone asks for, and that is Vinyl Factory eyewear. At eyeglassX we have a large selection of Vinyl Factory eyewear at one of the lowest prices you can find online! Moreover, we offer free Rx lenses, and FREE shipping too. If that is not enough, we do note a portion of our proceeds to local charities.

Should you have any questions about any of our Vinyl Factory eyewear, please call us directly at 508-202-7105. We would love to hear from you.