Signs You Need an Eyeglass Lens Replacement or Frame Replacement

Our company,, specializes in delivering top-of-the-line eyeglasses and lenses to clients from around the globe. Every day we help hundreds of customers choose the right frames and lenses for their new pair of specs. Some of our customers simply want to update their look by upgrading their glasses, while others just want that extra pair to have around when they do not want to wear contact lenses. Aesthetics aside, there are some clear signs that eyeglass wearers need to replace their old glasses, starting with:

Your Glasses Aren’t Delivering the Same Level of Clarity

As we age, our vision changes, meaning that the prescription you got two years ago may no longer be adequate. If any of the items below apply to you, then it is time to trade in your old lenses for a new set:

  • Items appear fuzzy and unclear despite having your glasses on.
  • You need to strain your eyes when trying to focus on something when wearing glasses.
  • Your lenses are scratched.
  • Excessive glare makes it difficult for you to see during the day or at night.

The good news is that you may not need to upgrade to a new pair of frames, and instead, you might only need an eyeglass lens replacement. If you are interested in only upgrading your lenses and not the frames, you can send us your frames, and we will replace your lenses with lenses that are:

  • Scratch resistant
  • Offer UV protection
  • USA lab and doctor approved

The lenses we use in all of our eyewear are cutting edge lenses that are the best in the industry. We at also send a complimentary lens polishing cloth to ensure that you always have crystal clear vision when enjoying your brand new eyeglass lens replacement.

Your Glasses Cause Discomfort

A pair of uncomfortable glasses are a pair you will never wear. This is why we at work with our customers to ensure that we receive the most accurate measurements possible, so you can enjoy the best fit possible. This is important, since uncomfortable glasses are not only a nuisance, but also they can also lead to headaches and unnecessary muscular tension.

Your Frames Are Making You Look Older Than You Are

There may be a burgeoning trend for retro-style glasses right now, but these frames all have a modern take on an old style. If what you are wearing are older glasses, which are too large for your face, or they look as if they were designed during the 1990s, it is time for a new pair. Updating to a modern pair of frames will make you look younger and chic. Choosing new frames does not even have to be expensive. Our company offers the hottest frames on the market today for a fraction of the price being offered by other eyewear specialists.

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