The Best Prescription Glasses for Your Face Shape

Many of you were devastated when you found out you had to wear glasses. It is a necessary part of life and it didn’t take long to accept the fact. Once you put on those glasses for the first time, you couldn’t believe how much of the world you were missing before! Even so, the biggest concern wasn’t how much better you were going to be able to see, but how you were going to look with prescription lenses and frames on your face. Continue reading


Best Rimless Glasses

Best Rimless Glasses best rimless glasses

Ladies, are you looking for a cool any time gift idea for the man in your life? How about adding to his effortlessly stylish look by getting him beautiful rimless glasses? In fact, rimless glasses are the latest trend in men’s eyewear. Although different men have different opinions as to which type of eyewear they prefer, many men nowadays prefer to sport light titanium glasses that are durable and rimless. It gives men that feeling of “airiness” as the the best rimless glasses online are extremely light too. It makes men look even more intelligent than they are (ahem), but it does so without making it look like they tried! For example, our Undergram rimless eyeglasses are one of the lightest eyeglasses in the world – check them out here.

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