The Best Prescription Glasses for Your Face Shape

Many of you were devastated when you found out you had to wear glasses. It is a necessary part of life and it didn’t take long to accept the fact. Once you put on those glasses for the first time, you couldn’t believe how much of the world you were missing before! Even so, the biggest concern wasn’t how much better you were going to be able to see, but how you were going to look with prescription lenses and frames on your face. It would be great to know how to choose the best pair of frames before you get to the eyeglass studio. It is not possible to try on every pair of frames they have at the store, so you need to have some idea of what you are looking for before you get there. The best way to narrow down your selection of frames is use your face shape and pick frames that best accentuate your facial features. The rule is to find glasses that contrast the strong features on your face to balance out your overall look. Here is a basic guide to see what the best frames are for your particular face shape.

  • Round Face. Glasses that are square or have strong angles would be best. Round or small frames should be avoided.
  • Oval Face. Any style at all with colors dark or light will work. Use frames with wider rather than taller lenses. Over-sized frames should be avoided.
  • Oblong Face. Frames with a low bridge to shorten the length of your nose are best. DON’T use rounded frames if you have an oblong face.
  • Triangle base-down. Heavily accented frames with details on the top half are recommended. DON’T use rimless glasses with this type face.
  • Triangle base-up. Glasses with very light colors are best as well as rimless. You should not wear heavy frames.
  • Diamond Face. Oval or rimless frames are the best for this type of face. You should not wear frames with heavy rims or dark colors.

Square Face. Round or oval glasses as well as dark or bold colored frames work well. DO not wear square shaped frames or light colors.
Once you have some idea of what you should be looking for, you can go to the store and try on frames in that category so you get an idea of exactly how you will look. Prescription lenses and frames can actually be a great accessory you can wear that will make you look more beautiful than you ever thought.

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