French Eyeglasses Online

French Eyeglasses Online Vinyl Factory

If you are looking for authentic French eyeglasses online, but would like to pay as little for them as possible, then you have landed on the right online eyewear site. At eyeglassX we carry a large selection of fine French eyeglasses for men. Ladies, if you are shopping for the man in your life, give him a pair of these cool French eyeglasses, and rest assured you will always be on his mind; after all what he is seeing through was made possible by you!

French Eyewear Online

Yes, you want French eyewear, because they are cool, they are retro, they stand out, but you don’t want to pay full price for them.  We at eyeglassX have you covered! Take a look out our French eyewear prices online . We offer deep discounts on a large selection of French eyewear we have in stock, and we offer free RX lenses, plus FREE shipping.

Vinyl Factory Eyewear

When it comes to eyewear from France, there is one particular brand everyone asks for, and that is Vinyl Factory eyewear. At eyeglassX we have a large selection of Vinyl Factory eyewear at one of the lowest prices you can find online! Moreover, we offer free Rx lenses, and FREE shipping too. If that is not enough, we do note a portion of our proceeds to local charities.

Should you have any questions about any of our Vinyl Factory eyewear, please call us directly at 508-202-7105. We would love to hear from you.

Rimless Glasses for Men

Rimless Glasses for Men Rimless Glasses for Men

Lots of men nowadays prefer wearing rimless glasses. They look good, make men look sharp, are light, and the rimless glasses for men that we at eyeglassX carry like UnderGram are nearly indestructible.

Ladies if you are shopping for the man in your life, why not get him a pair of rimless glasses that will remind him of you every time he has it on! When you shop for his rimless glasses from us, it becomes a win-win. You save on our deeply discounted UnderGram rimless glasses, and you get him a gift that will make him think of you nearly every waking moment.

Facts about Rimless Glasses for Men

The UnderGram rimless glasses that we offer at eyeglassX don’t just look good, they are an engineering marvel. They have no solder, and no screws. They are deemed the lightest frames in the world. They are super comfortable. They have a very minimalist frame.  They are constructed with 100% titanium; meaning they have the same strength as steel, but are 48% lighter.

Rimless Glasses for Men Prices

Here at eyeglassX we offer deeply discounted prices on our UnderGram rimless glasses. For example, you can save $146 on our rimless glasses. We also offer FREE shipping, and FREE Rx lenses.  They a look at our discounted rimless glass prices here.

We at eyeglassX cater to men’s glasses and frames only. We offer deep discounts, free shipping, excellent customer service, and we donate a portion of our proceeds to charities. You are out of excuses – shop with confidence with eyeglassX.

Discount Eyeglasses for Men Online

Discount Eyeglasses for Men Online

A man who has a closet full of suits, ties, and shoes, but only one pair of glasses shouldn’t necessarily feel ashamed for not putting the best ensemble together. Not having the proper eyeglass frames is like wearing white socks with black shoes. You can technically do it, but by all means, you shouldn’t.

The question comes down to which pair of eyeglass frames would suit you best, and who would be the best provider of discount eyeglasses for men online (hint: eyeglassX).

Popular Discount Eyeglasses for Men

As you may already know, eyeglassX is a division of Metro Eye Docs LLC; Dr. Hairston’s eye care clinic. Dr. Hairston is a highly rated and respected eye doctor. His practice is uniquely qualified to provide the best eyeglass frames for men, as he sees firsthand what men like to wear.  Here are some popular eyeglass picks by men.

Titanium Frames for Men – Undergram Eyeglasses

Lots of men prefer wearing Undergram Eyeglasses as they are really light (dubbed as the world’s lightest frames), and they are constructed of highly durable titanium.  At they are sold at a huge discount. Moreover, eyeglassX includes free shipping, and free RX lenses.

Retro Eyeglass Frames – Vinyl Factory Eyewear

On the other hand, we have lots of men that prefer that retro look. So we at eyeglassX carry a large selection of retro eyeglass frames online all of which is available at deeply discounted prices. We want you to shop with confidence for these beautiful Vinyl Factory glasses, as not only are we offering deep discounts, but we offer free shipping, as well as free RX lenses.

One last thing, these frames make lovely gifts too. So if you are shopping for that special man in your life, consider giving them the gift that will make them think of you each time they wear it! Also, we ask that you consider telling your friends about us too. If someone asks you where they can find Vinyl Factory eyewear, please refer to them. Unlike the conglomerate retailers who wouldn’t have a clue who their clients are, we at eyeglassX appreciate and take care of each of our clients, and actually know them by name.

Question? Call us at (508) 202-7105.

High Quality Glasses Online

How to Shop for Better Glasses

When it comes to online optical for men, we offer no nonsense high quality frames, at deeply discounted prices. We at eyeglassX get it! We deliver top of the line brand name eyewear for men, including French eyeglasses, handmade eyewear, and lightweight glasses, at a lesser cost that what some of the large name retailers charge for the same exact eyeglasses. Whether it is prescription glasses or sunglasses, men want high quality products at discounted prices, and a convenient shopping experience. That is exactly what they get when they shop for glasses on We offer excellent service, knowledgeable staff, free shipping, free Rx lenses, and deep discounts. What’s not to like?

Discount Glasses for Men

We all want the same thing; the best quality for the lowest prices possible. At eyeglassX, we get it! That is what we strive to deliver to our clients each and every single day. We give you more for less, because we want to earn your business; we want to earn your loyalty. Whether you are looking for cheap Italian glasses or eyewear from France, we have them in stock, ready to ship to you, free Rx included! Wait, that’s not enough, we want to give you more as that is what it takes to EARN your business. Please use one of our discounts codes located here, and save even more on high quality discounted glasses for men.

High Quality Glasses for Men

At eyeglassX we cater to men’s eyewear only. Men’s tastes in eyewear range from classic to retro. Some men want the best rimless eyeglasses, while other men want the lightest eyeglasses. Some of our clients want the best black rim glasses, while others insist only on Undergram Eyewear (world’s lightest frame). No matter their particular tastes, we strive to offer the best online optical for men at the lowest prices possible, and our clients love us for it.

You can shop with confidence at eyeglassX knowing that you saved money on high quality brand name glasses like Ray Ban and Undergram Eyewear, you received FREE shipping (U.S.A. only), and you received free Rx. Plus we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity. Buy from us, and if you like what we offer, tell a friend about us too. We look forward to serving all your eyewear needs.

You can find more details here.  Question? Call us at (508) 202-7105.

eyeglassX – International Seller of Eyeglasses Online

International Seller of Eyeglasses Online

You have been searching for top notch brand name glasses, and you happened to land on this site. That is no coincidence, as we are a U.S. based online eyeglass retailer, we ship internationally, and we do so at below market prices. Moreover, we cater only to men. So ladies, although this would be an excellent opportunity for you to purchase eyeglasses for the special man in your life, we do not offer any eyewear for women.

We at eyeglassX cater to men who want to save money and look good. We make buying from us a breeze.  Take a look at our amazing deals here. We offer deeply discounted pricing on top brand names like Ray Ban Prescription Sunglasses.  As you know Ray Ban is a top brand name sunglasses manufacturer. Their glasses are made in Italy. Take a look at our deeply discounted prices on our Ray Ban prescription sunglasses here. We even throw in Rx lenses for FREE!

International Seller of Eyewear Online

We at eyeglassX pride ourselves in delivering top eyewear to our male clientele all over the world. If you have been shopping around for the lowest priced international seller of eyewear online, and you landed on this site, the forces are telling you something! You should buy your next pair of glasses from us. We have made the buying decision incredibly easy. We are offering you deeply discounted pricing, and we include FREE Rx lenses, and we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity.

International Shipping of Ray Ban Sunglasses

Many of our clients specifically request if we have Ray Ban Sunglasses in stock, and we certainly do. Some of them are specifically searching for an International shipper of Ray Ban prescription glasses, and once again, we have you covered. If you are looking for international shipping prices on our Ray Ban Sunglasses, we can save you a bundle. We can deliver Ray Ban sunglasses to your doorstep nearly anywhere in the world, and we can do so within approximately 2-4 weeks. You get to work with an online eyeglass retailer that is run by Dr. T. Keith Hairston of Metro Eye Docs, LLC. So you are dealing with an actual eye doctor who sees patients all the time, and knows what looks good on men, and what doesn’t.

So if you are in the market for a U.S. based international shipper of cool looking Ray Ban prescription sunglasses, and want to get a great deal on them, then buy with confidence from;  we have you covered!

Shop Eyeglasses for Men

Shop Eyeglasses for Men Online

If you are shopping online for men’s eyeglasses and cool looking frames, you have undoubtedly noticed the titanium eyewear that most men prefer wearing. They prefer purchasing titanium eyewear as they are extremely light and durable; more importantly, they make men look brilliant!

Titanium Eyewear for Men

It is 100% true. Men love wearing titanium glasses. Whether they are prescription glasses or not, light and durable titanium is what men prefer. So ladies, if you are shopping for the man in your life, go with a pair of frames that is going to be a sure winner; get the man in your life titanium frames like these.

 Why Titanium Frames

What is it with men and their preference for titanium frames? We have the answer, and it won’t surprise you. For example, we carry the Undergram glasses, which are deemed as “the world’s lightest frame” men simply look sharper wearing these frames. Picture the toughest looking Harley Davidson biker with a long beard. Now picture him wearing these rimless titanium frames; yes, it’s automatic, he looks brilliant!

Titanium Prescription Glasses

Why do so many people prefer to buy their titanium prescription glasses from Because we have top brands in stock, and we have them for less than our competitors. What’s more we offer our titanium prescription glasses with free shipping, and we offer premium Rx Lenses (polycarbonate or free bonus upgrade), as well as FREE lens edge polishing. You can shop and save with eyeglassX.


Titanium Prescription Glasses for Men

Titanium Prescription Glasses

We are seeing a shift in men’s optical. Most men nowadays prefer to wear rimless, light prescription glasses; the type you barely feel you are wearing. For the discerning man, who wants to make that I’m intelligent and confident statement, there are no better glasses that we can recommend than the Undergram prescription glasses. These titanium frames for men are listed in the Guinness Book of World Records, as the “world’s lightest frame.” They are constructed from pure titanium, and they are one-size-fits-all.  At, we carry them in lots of colors, silver, blue, black, and more. Please see our selection of titanium prescription glasses here.

Titanium Prescription Glasses for Men

Why do Undergram titanium prescription glasses for men look so cool? Because they are one of the lightest men’s optical available online, they are nearly indestructibly when it comes to ordinary usage, and they’re rimless. It almost feels like you are not wearing glasses. These glasses are what men want to wear! Who wants to wear clunky, heavy prescription glasses? We’ve seen men who don’t need prescription glasses wear these titanium frame glasses just to look intelligent!  When you make your prescription glass purchase with, you save not just on the cost of the glasses, but we offer FREE Premium Rx Lenses (polycarbonate) & FREE lens edge polishing! Moreover, we throw in FREE shipping, and we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity!

Shop Eyeglasses for Men Online

We at, want to earn your business. We want you to shop with confidence knowing that you will get an awesome pair of titanium prescription glasses for men at a discounted price. We take the guesswork out of your shopping experience.  Here is exactly what each client will receive when they shop online for our UNDERGRAM titanium prescription glasses – a pure titanium rimless frame (Ti 0.9 gadge), One-size-fits-all. Various colors to choose from see here.  The price includes FREE Premium Rx Lenses (polycarbonate) & FREE lens edge polishing!  FREE shipping, plus free Bonus lens upgrade. Last, but not least, we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity. Yes, we want your business; we want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase, and we want you to refer others who want to look as good as you!


Why Buy Vinyl Factory Eyewear

Why Buy Vinyl Factory Eyewear Vinyl Factory Glasses

You’ve been shopping for high quality eyewear for men at discounted prices. You found us at eyeglassX, as that is exactly what we offer! Top notch eyewear exclusively for men at rock bottom prices.  When it comes to eyeglasses for men, hands down one of the coolest frames is by Vinyl Factory. There is a reason why Vinyl Factory uses the slogan “can’t take my eyes off you.”  Yes sir, that is exactly what they intend for her to say when she sees you wearing them.

Best Place for Vinyl Factory Eyewear

You have many options when it comes to buying Vinyl Factory Eyewear online.  However, why are we asking you to buy your Vinyl Factory glasses from us, instead of any other choices online? Because we carry a large selection of Vinyl Factory glasses, you can see them here, and we offer one of the lowest prices online for the Vinyl Factory brand. Wait, we don’t stop there. We offer free shipping and free prescription lenses too. Wait, we don’t stop there, we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity. Wait, we don’t stop there, our site is run by an eye doctor. We are not just some retailer that merely looks at all eyewear as “product.” This site was founded by Dr. T.K. Hairston. He sees actual patients, and knows firsthand the best quality eyewear that is out there. These are the reasons why we feel we offer the best place for Vinyl Factory eyewear.

Background on Vinyl Factory Glasses

Vinyl Factory eyewear are handmade retro glasses that are imported from France. Vinyl Factory frames are influence by the 1960-1970’s spirit. They offer sleek lines and classic old style design with attention to detail. They come with a specially designed metal hard-case, and vinyl record shaped cleaning cloth. Yes, old-style jukebox vinyl record cleaning cloth! These glasses were designed to make a statement!

So when it comes to shopping for Vinyl Factory eyewear for men, sit back, grab your favorite drink, and buy your pair of Vinyl Factory glasses with confidence from our site. We look forward to serving you!

Classic Eyewear for Men

Classic Eyewear for Men

Gentlemen, your search for classic eyewear at discounted prices is over! We have the latest trends and some of the top brand name classic eyewear in stock, all at rock bottom prices. To sweeten the pot a bit, we throw in free prescription lenses and free shipping too.

Why Classic Eyeglass Frames

We men, all  have our own unique style. Some of us prefer the contemporary look, some of us prefer the retro look, and some of us prefer the classic look. No matter what your eyewear preference,, has you covered. With this write-up we wanted to briefly discuss classic eyeglass frames for men. Ladies, if you are shopping for the man in your life, here is the message you are conveying. Classic pair of sunglasses portrays a subtle embodiment of superiority. By giving the man in your life a classic pair, as opposed to the retro/French look, you are telling him he is sort of like “Mr. Big” from Sex and the City. He is cool and collected. He knows quality, he has excellent taste and he does n’t need approval, because he knows he has already earned it. Classic looking eyewear last through the ages. They are the perfect gift to give to a man.

We know you have options when it comes to buying any sort of glasses online, whether they are prescription glasses or reading glasses, but we feel we offer more for less at We carry the top brands, you can check them out here, and we offer discounted pricing with FREE prescription lenses and shipping.

Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite drink and browse through this eyewear site, if you have any questions or are looking for a particular pair of men’s optical, give us a call at (508) 202-7105, we look forward to serving you.

Best Rimless Glasses

Best Rimless Glasses best rimless glasses

Ladies, are you looking for a cool any time gift idea for the man in your life? How about adding to his effortlessly stylish look by getting him beautiful rimless glasses? In fact, rimless glasses are the latest trend in men’s eyewear. Although different men have different opinions as to which type of eyewear they prefer, many men nowadays prefer to sport light titanium glasses that are durable and rimless. It gives men that feeling of “airiness” as the the best rimless glasses online are extremely light too. It makes men look even more intelligent than they are (ahem), but it does so without making it look like they tried! For example, our Undergram rimless eyeglasses are one of the lightest eyeglasses in the world – check them out here.

We know you have many options when it comes to choosing the best rimless glasses online, but we would also like for you to consider not just the quality glasses we carry in our inventory like the gorgeous Undergram eyeglasses, but to consider our mission on making the customer our focal point, and our deeply discounted prices along with our FREE shipping on some of the best rimless glasses online. Moreover, note that this site is the brainchild of the well established eye doctor, Dr. T.K. Hairston, who wanted to bring his knowledge and eye care expertise to the online marketplace. Finally, a portion of each purchase you make on our site goes to charity!

We welcome you to peruse our eyewear site and if you have any questions with respect to any of our frames, please call our office at (508) 202-7105. We are here to serve you!