Rimless Glasses for Men

Rimless Glasses for Men Rimless Glasses for Men

Lots of men nowadays prefer wearing rimless glasses. They look good, make men look sharp, are light, and the rimless glasses for men that we at eyeglassX carry like UnderGram are nearly indestructible.

Ladies if you are shopping for the man in your life, why not get him a pair of rimless glasses that will remind him of you every time he has it on! When you shop for his rimless glasses from us, it becomes a win-win. You save on our deeply discounted UnderGram rimless glasses, and you get him a gift that will make him think of you nearly every waking moment.

Facts about Rimless Glasses for Men

The UnderGram rimless glasses that we offer at eyeglassX don’t just look good, they are an engineering marvel. They have no solder, and no screws. They are deemed the lightest frames in the world. They are super comfortable. They have a very minimalist frame.  They are constructed with 100% titanium; meaning they have the same strength as steel, but are 48% lighter.

Rimless Glasses for Men Prices

Here at eyeglassX we offer deeply discounted prices on our UnderGram rimless glasses. For example, you can save $146 on our rimless glasses. We also offer FREE shipping, and FREE Rx lenses.  They a look at our discounted rimless glass prices here.

We at eyeglassX cater to men’s glasses and frames only. We offer deep discounts, free shipping, excellent customer service, and we donate a portion of our proceeds to charities. You are out of excuses – shop with confidence with eyeglassX.

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