Why Buy Vinyl Factory Eyewear

Why Buy Vinyl Factory Eyewear Vinyl Factory Glasses

You’ve been shopping for high quality eyewear for men at discounted prices. You found us at eyeglassX, as that is exactly what we offer! Top notch eyewear exclusively for men at rock bottom prices.  When it comes to eyeglasses for men, hands down one of the coolest frames is by Vinyl Factory. There is a reason why Vinyl Factory uses the slogan “can’t take my eyes off you.”  Yes sir, that is exactly what they intend for her to say when she sees you wearing them.

Best Place for Vinyl Factory Eyewear

You have many options when it comes to buying Vinyl Factory Eyewear online.  However, why are we asking you to buy your Vinyl Factory glasses from us, instead of any other choices online? Because we carry a large selection of Vinyl Factory glasses, you can see them here, and we offer one of the lowest prices online for the Vinyl Factory brand. Wait, we don’t stop there. We offer free shipping and free prescription lenses too. Wait, we don’t stop there, we donate a portion of our proceeds to charity. Wait, we don’t stop there, our site is run by an eye doctor. We are not just some retailer that merely looks at all eyewear as “product.” This site was founded by Dr. T.K. Hairston. He sees actual patients, and knows firsthand the best quality eyewear that is out there. These are the reasons why we feel we offer the best place for Vinyl Factory eyewear.

Background on Vinyl Factory Glasses

Vinyl Factory eyewear are handmade retro glasses that are imported from France. Vinyl Factory frames are influence by the 1960-1970’s spirit. They offer sleek lines and classic old style design with attention to detail. They come with a specially designed metal hard-case, and vinyl record shaped cleaning cloth. Yes, old-style jukebox vinyl record cleaning cloth! These glasses were designed to make a statement!

So when it comes to shopping for Vinyl Factory eyewear for men, sit back, grab your favorite drink, and buy your pair of Vinyl Factory glasses with confidence from our site. We look forward to serving you!

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