Classic Eyeglass Frames

Classic Eyeglass Frames

Vinyl FactoryIf you are shopping around for great deals on the latest classic eyeglass frames by Vinyl Factory, then you landed on the right site. We at eyeglassX carry top brand name classic eyewear for men at deeply discounted prices.

Every man has his own style when it comes to eyewear. Much of it depends on your overall fashion style, the shape of your face, the “image” you are after. A lot of men prefer that old style classic look eyewear, the French eyewear, you know the one that channels that 60’s-70’s spirit. We at eyeglassX carry a large selection of various Vinyl Factory classic eyeglass frames.  Not only do we pride ourselves by offering top quality classic eyewear for men, but we deliver one of the lowest prices for Vinyl Factory classic eyewear online, and we offer FREE prescription lenses, plus FREE shipping too!

Sit back, grab your favorite drink, go through our selection of classic eyewear frames by Vinyl Factory and choose the one you like best. Should you have any questions, please call us at (508)202-7105. We look forward to serving you!

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