Vinyl Factory Eyewear

Vinyl Factory Eyewear Vinyl Factory eyewear

If you have been looking for cool looking glasses for men, have you considered Vinyl Factory eyewear? Ladies, if you would like to surprise the man in your life with a cool gift, why not give a pair of glasses that will make him look even more stylish and hip? Yes, Vinyl Factory eyewear can do just that!

Vinyl Factory glasses are from France, and they come in a variety of amazing colors. They are artistic and musically inspired handmade retro eyewear. They are French imports, do we need to add more?

Vinyl Factory eyewear is directly influenced by the 1960 – 1970’s spirit. This brand interprets classic old-style designs with attention to detail. Featuring guitar neck shaped temple sleeves (which are adjustable), and vinyl record shaped cleaning cloth – can you say hip!

We have all sorts of Vinyl Factory eyewear in stock, in all shapes and sizes, and we have great deals too! Just check out some of our Vinyl Factory eyewear and see for yourself!

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