Titanium Glasses

Titanium Glasses     Titanium Glasses  

If you are shopping for titanium glasses for men, then you have landed on the right site. We at eyeglassX are a premier supplier of fashionable and brand name glasses for men at deeply discounted prices.

We have a large inventory of titanium eyewear for men. You can see some of our titanium eyeglasses online. You will note that we not only offer FREE shipping, but we offer FREE Rx lenses too. Moreover, we donate a portion of our proceeds to fighting cancer. One of our most popular titanium frames for men is the Undergram brand. These glasses are known to be the “world’s lightest frame.” They are constructed with a pure titanium frame (Ti 0.9 gadge). They are rimless glasses and we have them in stock in a variety of colors like, gold, black, silver and more.

We want to ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with their glass shopping experience at eyeglassX. If you have any questions about any of our eyewear, please call us at (508) 202-7105. Also, when shopping online, don’t forget to use your discount code and get another $15 off!

Lightweight Eyeglasses

Lightweight Eyeglasses Lightweight Eyeglasses - UnderGram

Who wants to wear bulky eyeglasses everywhere they go? The coolest thing about glasses is that you don’t have to be stuck in just one style all the time. The discerning man, the man that commands respect as soon as he walks into a room, knows that what you wear – everything from your head down to your toes, matter. Everything must match, everything must make a statement. If you are going to an important corporate event, you want to look your best. You want to wear the type of light weight, rimless eyeglasses that boldly say “I am extremely intelligent and I have great fashion sense” – the UnderGram glasses that we have in stock say just that! They are one of the lightest glasses in the world, they are stylish, and you may just forget that you are even wearing glasses on your face; seriously they are THAT light!

World’s Lightest Eyeglasses?

Yes, many feel these UnderGram glasses are so light that they have dubbed them the “world’s lightest eyeglasses.” These bad boys are constructed in all pure titanium frames (Ti 0.9 gadge), plus they come in a variety of colors and styles. You can see our amazing selection of UnderGram eyeglasses here – you will find that our selection of UnderGram eyewear not only looks cool, but we have them available at rock bottom prices. Do we stop there? No, we offer FREE shipping on our UnderGram glasses, PLUS we will throw in free premium Rx lenses (polycarbonate). Do we stop there? No, we also offer free lens edge polishing. Yes, we want to exceed your expectations.

You have been searching for light weight eyeglasses; you found it, and you found great pricing with excellent service on these amazing lightweight glasses too. Get your pair of our UnderGram frames with free prescription lenses today. We look forward to serving you.